MISRC : Current Projects

  • Working on project of E-waste management with graduate students (In process of applying to DST)

    The waste management is important consideration in step towards clean India. The non E-waste management and E-waste management process are need to be upgraded. The different optimum ways to extract important component and material out of waste is derived. The waste processing techniques are to be evolved.

  • Wireless stack protocol development for Next generation networks and its implementation on FPGA or the final ASIC design for protocol. (In process for consultancy from industry)

    The center team is working on protocol stack development for next generation wireless devices like LTE and 5G etc. The smart antenna designs for physical layer is included in the project. The prototype is first emulated on FPGA and ASIC design is proposed. The team is working on ASIC design for multiple protocols.

  • Design of low power ASIC for solar wheel chair application

    The prototype of design is implemented on FPGA and ASIC implementations of the project are proposed. The low power ASIC capable of charging battery with solar supply is better than general purpose processors for the designs.

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