RCPMS : Current Projects

  • Analytical parameterization of fusion barriers and cross sections using various microscopic/macroscopic approaches and experimental data as a guideline.

  • Parametrization of fusion barriers using different microscopic/macroscopic models.
  • Study of surface diffuseness in different potentials.
  • Comparison of different parameterized fusion barriers with available experimental data.
  • To propose a unique parametrization of fusion barriers and applications of the same.

Funding By: Department Of Science and Technology, Government of India
Principal investigator: Dr. Ishwar Dutt
Amount: Rs. 11.94 Lakhs
Duration: 03 Years

  • Study the effects of multiple ionization and nuclear spin in x-ray production cross sections of high-z elements by heavy ions

  • Systematic study of hyperfine splitting using different projectile-target combination at different energies.
  • Study the influence of multiple ionization on the L-shell X-ray production cross section.
  • Study the influence of basic ionization processes contributing towards ion-atom collision at intermediate energy region.

Funding By: Department Of Science And Technology, Government Of India
Principal investigator: Dr. Sunil Kumar
Amount: Rs. 9.68 lakhs
Duration: 03 Years

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