Screen Reader


  • Glove for gripping or holding metallic object by Arjun Sharma and Neeraj Kumar
    [Filing Number – 20161100170]
  • Improved multi-level food tray by Dr. Rajnish Sharma
    [Filing Number – 1731/DEL/2015]
  • User controlled automatic timer based mosquito repellent device by Mr. Sagar Juneja
    [Filing Number – 1937/DEL2015]
  • Automatic multi-level parking system with vehicle tracking from different locationsin the building by Sagar Juneja, Saurav Kochar and Sachin Dhiman
    [Filing Number – 3898/DEL/201/DEL/2015]
  • Combinational sim card lock system for mobile phone by Aniket Bhardwaj, Himani Negi, Abhijit Dey and Nilesh Khanna
    [Filing Number – 3523/DEL/2015]

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