Algorythm witnesses two-days of creativity, fervour and thrill

Algorythm, the most awaited college fest of Chitkara University, Himachal Pradesh, ended amidst lots of excitement and enthusiasm displayed by the students.

After having proved academic excellence every now and then, the University has carved a niche on the cultural fest platform too with Algorythm being one of the most awaited and noted fests of Chitkara University.

The fest saw an array of cultural events as it witnessed two days of exhilarating buoyancy, extravaganza, thrill, zest and a lot more. Algorythm was all about creativity, grooving to impress, speaking to captivate, and challenging the best in you, foot tapping music, rhythms re-defined and above all, PRIZE MONEY worth Rs 15 lakhs.

The most noted event of the fest was ‘SUNBURN CAMPUS’ that created unforgettable and momentous memories, which took everyone to the sensational world of music.

The team that worked day and night to make the fest what it turned out to be looked relieved and extremely satisfied with the success they witnessed. Chitkara University congratulates all the participants, winners and people who made the fest a grand success.

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