CUHP students stage play at Chitkara International School

Known for their innovativeness, creativity, talent and more, students of Chitkara University, Himachal Pradesh, staged a play “Julius Caesar” at Chitkara International School Auditorium.

The play brought out several emotions, exceptional talent and the audience were left mesmerized. Around 20 students, including the acting team and organizing team, proudly stood after finishing the play at the auditorium and won several applauds as people clapped for their efforts. Chitkara University has always believed that academics alone is not enough for a prime professional, it needs more to craft excellence and this is the sole reason for the University to encourage students to explore their potential in several other aspects of a student life.

The students were applauded for their effort to take out time and put a mesmerizing play at the Chitkara International School. Everyone wishes the entire team the best of everything in life.

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