Prakriti Arora, CSE Student explores her potential at Vancouver Island University, Canada

Since its inception, Chitkara University is producing quality graduates and post-graduates that are in demand by employers across the country and around the world and this is the reason why we go an extra mile for our students. Due to this effort, Prakriti Arora, a student of Chitkara School of Computer Science and Engineering is at Vancouver Island University, Canada.

Our aim is to educate and add quality, we do this through our commitment to the transformative power of a liberal arts and sciences education. It all starts in a classroom with exposure to new ideas, new ways of understanding, and new ways of knowing, and as our students embark on a journey of intellectual transformation; global exposure forms an integral part of this. Prakriti is learning things at one of the world’s finest educational hubs and she thanks her Alma Mater for this.

The University is an organization that values a diverse range of training and education. The way Prakriti studied under the best of faculty and supervision here, her current University is also providing her an enriched and intellectually stimulating environment to derive further. Offering programs from basic literacy to vocational programs, trades, undergraduate and graduate degrees, we encourage all students to explore their potential, discover more about their world and excel in both life and learning.

We wish Prakriti the best of everything as she takes this new step towards learning in life.


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