Students and faculty showcase their photography skills at “Ah, the elusive photographic eye”.

Not everyone can capture what someone can from behind a camera’s lens. But, “Ah, the elusive photographic eye” event held at Chitkara University, Himachal Pradesh provided a platform for everyone to illustrate their talents.
The competition was open to both students and faculty of CSE, ECE and CE departments of the college and one member was allowed to give three photographs maximum for the competition. The topic for the competition was Himachal Pradesh. The culture, nature, tradition and scenic beauty of the state were captured by the contestants.
The entries were judged by Dr Ashok Chitkara, Col. Y.C. Chibber and Dr Lalit and the best three of the lot were awarded. The competition was organised for commemorating the celebration of Himachal Day and the event proved to be a grand success.


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