Three Students of Computer Science and Engineering launch NXTGEN Gaming Startup

Rishabh Kharbanda, Aena Bhatnagar, Batch CSE – CUHP, Sukhvinder Singh, Batch 2013, CSE – CUPB and Kshitij Sharma of Rayat Bahra have launched “NXTGEN Gaming Startup”, which is being widely accepted, applauded and appreciated.

These students started young and were into gaming from their school days. They have conducted several gaming events at college and their love for gaming has taken them to a new level.

NXTGEN will conduct gaming events first at school level and will eventually aim for national level events. Their first event was conducted at Woodsburry School in Phase 10, Mohali.

They aim to make an Indian league and compete at Electronics Premier League in Europe. The prize money for gaming events in the next four months will be Rs 10 lakh. The youngsters stated that they never wanted to get into a 9 to 5 job and always wanted to do something in gaming. Dr Shaily Jain, Head of Department, Computer Science and Engineering stated that the University supports its students in every way possible and that is why the students have been given a leave to make this initiative a success.


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