SPECIALISATION IN UI/UX DESIGN in collaboration with ImaginXP

ImaginXP is India’s leading UX Design and Design Thinking organisation and is a pioneer in the field of UX Design and Design Thinking education, bringing together industry professionals and academicians to create industry relevant programs. Their vision is to make India a global design and innovation hub bringing world-class education to Indian students.


UX Design refers to the term “User Experience Design”, while UI Design stands for “User Interface Design”. Both elements are crucial to a product and work closely together. But despite their professional relationship, the roles themselves are quite different, referring to very different parts of the process and the design discipline. Where UX Design is a more analytical and technical field, UI Design is closer to what we refer to as graphic design, though the responsibilities are somewhat more complex.

At Chitkara University, we offer Computer Science Engineering with specialisation in UI/UX Design program. This specialisation focuses on teaching students how to design digital products that provide relevant user experiences – understanding the needs of the users, creating a product roadmap based on these user needs and then implementing the principles of UX Design to get an easy to use, simple product

Chitkara University has the best in-house faculty, accompanied with guest faculty from Industry with expertise in UI/UX domain. This specialisation has been devised and designed by UX Industry, considering the needs of the job market and offers excellent placement.

Some key components of the program are:
  • Understanding the fundamentals and principles of UI/UX Design.
  • Knowledge of tools and process used in UI/UX Design, complemented with a mix of classroom assignments, projects, field work, industry projects, internships and shadow learning.
  • Requisite skillset required in “real-life” design problems through visual design tools and introduction to 6D.
  • Quizzes, classroom assignments, field work etc. with “real-life” scenarios. Students will be encouraged to come up with efficient solutions.
  • Hands-on learning with the process of research, testing, development, content, and prototyping to test for quality results

The day-to-day business operations of companies across the globe have changed with advancement of technology and rapid digitalisation. ‘Design’ of digital product influences business decisions and that’s the primary reason of need of UI/UX Designers in industry.

Graduates can explore the following roles
  • User Experience – UX Designer, Interaction Designer
  • Web / Mobile App Design – App Designer, Web Designer, Social Media Designer, New Media Artist, Web Content Manager
  • Visual Design – Type Designer, Graphic Designer, Layout Artist, Photo / Image Editor

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