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Chitkara University in Himachal Pradesh has been founded by Dr. Ashok Chitkara and Dr. Madhu Chitkara who have been passionate teachers for more than 40 years now. Since inception, Chitkara University has been different. Our students have been different. So are our faculty, our academic strengths and our outlook towards teaching and learning. Within a decade, most of our academic programs are ranked in top 50 programs in the country.

Students from around the country are getting attracted to Chitkara University because of our commitment to teaching excellence, focus on research, tailored courses that makes our education relevant to changing career dynamics and formidable industry partnerships.

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Engineering Programs at Chitkara University have been consistently ranked within top 50 of the country which speaks volumes about our strong academic heritage, innovative teaching methodology and proactive industry collaborations.


overview of our Engineering Programs

Creating, investing, innovating, attacking challenges, solving problems, improving the quality of life-these are the driving forces for engineers. From space stations to microsystems, the potential for innovative engineering is endless. If you’re wondering what the future might look like, Chitkara Engineering programs can show you the way.

Engineering Programs

(4 year B.E. / 3 Year Lateral Entry)

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Our Engineering programs have established an unassailable reputation for very strong campus recruitment.

hospitality CAREERS

3-Year Hospitality programs focus on hotel operational skills and management skills needed for careers which work in India and across the world.

- B. Sc in Hospitality & Hotel Administration

for those seeking
a career with a pulse

Our industry endorsed Nursing program will prepare graduate nurses to work as frontline worker in the clinical and community field. - B.Sc Nursing