4-year B. Pharmacy

A 4 year Bachelor’s degree program with a strong Industry focus and intensive practical industrial exposure in the Pharmaceutical industry for a 6-month duration.

Now more than ever, the world needs drugs that can fight deadly infections and boost quality of life. At the frontline of this battle will be superheroes in lab coats; Pharmacy professionals, who will be responsible for tasks ranging from formulation to delivery of life saving drugs. Chitkara School of Pharmacy with its industry-oriented curriculum, state of the art infrastructure, and emphasis on knowledge creation through cutting edge research, will be their training ground.


The transformative B. Pharm program is designed to nurture professionals prepared for global healthcare challenges of today and tomorrow. It’s the healthy formula for future-proof careers of our industry ready Pharmacy graduates. The seamless blend of theoretical and practical learning with strong research focus is the secret potion that will shape game changers in leading pharmaceutical companies, healthcare facilities, government bodies, academia, and research.

  • To offer a tech-forward environment on par with the best in the world to empower students’ academic and research pursuits.
  • To indentify and promote in-house projects with social impact and encourage research in areas of high healthcare relevance.
  • To introduce innovative courses and faculty development programs to create engaging platforms for knowledge creation, sharing and growth.
  • To focus on clinical and industry training to offer students hands on experience with best global practices in the field.
  • To create opportunities for International training and internships by fostering partnerships with premier foreign universities and organizations.
  • To inculcate entrepreneurial spirit and an aptitude for innovation amongst students to give them the edge in the competitive industry.
Prospective Employers

  • State of the art laboratories with hi-tech equipment This includes Microwave Synthesizer, Digital Polarimeter, Molecular Modeling Software, FT-IR, Flash Chromatography with automated sample collector, High speed centrifuge, Catalytic hydrogenator and more.
  • Strong emphasis on learning by doing through projects: Pedagogy that has proven to produce professionals with industry-desired problem solving skills.
  • Key research areas formulation development, pharmacological screening of drugs for CVS, CNS and GIT disorders, anticancer studies, nanotechnology etc.
  • Mentorship from industry and academia experienced faculty members with strong research backgrounds through their PhD endeavors.
  • Strategically located campus in the Pharmaceutical hub in Baddi, Himachal Pradesh: Baddi is home to Pharmaceutical powerhouses including Ranbaxy, Cadila Healthcare, Abott Laboratories, Cipla and many more.
  • Intense industry engagement: The inherent location advantage is leveraged for student benefit through an open and engaging industry interface, professional interactions, industry visits, industrial exhibitions, live projects, and internships.
  • Interdisciplinary collaborations: To promote learning across various departments at Chitkara University to promote lateral thinking amongst students

Government organizations, Pharma giants, healthcare establishments including major hospitals, academic institutes and research bodies in India and abroad offer excellent career opportunities for B. Pharm graduates. From a solid beginning to a sustained and long term career growth plan, sky is the limit for Pharmacists, especially in today’s times. Wide array of roles include Bioinformatics scientist and Hospital pharmacy technician to Pharmaceutical Research Scientist.

  • Government organizations and departments hire B. Pharm graduates in various capacities ranging from Nuclear Pharmacists to Drug Inspectors.
  • Pharmaceutical companies recruit fresh graduates for formulation development, clinical research, quality control, marketing, documentation, as well as legal advisors.
  • Hospitals, healthcare facilities, universities and research organizations offer dynamic career avenues for B. Pharm graduates.
  • Bioinformatics, Medical Transcriptions, Pharmacovigilance are some of the aligned departments that present unique career opportunities.
  • It is considered a lucrative career launching pad as the average salary for Pharmacists is roughly 9.5% more than average salary for jobs in other sectors, according to reports.
  • Pharmacist salary trends in India have shown a consistent increment of 3 to 4% in the past four years. With the current and predicted healthcare scenario, it is bound to grow.
  • The average rate of salary increase for Pharmacists in India is 7%, which is highly favorable compared to sectors like Banking which showed 1% average salary growth in 2019.
  • B. Pharm degree also serves as a stepping stone for higher academic pursuits including M. Pharm, M. Tech, MBA, MS etc. at reputed Indian and Foreign Universities.
Eligibility & Fees
  • XII with a minimum aggregate of 50% (Physics, Chemistry, Biology/Maths as compulsory subjects
  • Personal interview

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