Chitkara Educational Trust

Chitkara Educational Trust— founded by Dr Ashok K Chitkara and Dr Madhu Chitkara in the year 1998— has been established with the clear mission to pursue excellence in all fields of education, and to adhere to the highest standards of academic rigour in all its work.

Based in Chandigarh—the City Beautiful—Chitkara University (CU) has grown tremendously during the last few years and is fast moving towards attaining leadership position in north India. Such stupendous growth speaks volumes about our enduring commitment, outstanding faculty and rich learning environment. The ambition of our founders is seeing fruition as all the constituent colleges and schools are making a positive contribution to the development of individuals, institutions and societies that are facing the challenges of change.

Currently, all our campuses are in and around Chandigarh, but students come from all parts of India to become part of the Chitkara family. Chitkara University’s global connections are also getting stronger with collaborations with leading universities and education providers across the world.

Among our talented faculty, you will meet academic scholars; experts who advise top Indian corporations; the authors of important texts in technology and business; and intellectuals who develop fresh approaches in labour relations, information management, human resources, and many other fields. You will also learn from business leaders in the field, sharing their experience as presenters and guest lecturers. With serious students and talented teachers, you will become partners in pursuit of purposeful learning and experience.

All institutions of Chitkara University have been in the forefront of developing great industry–academia interface, and have successfully achieved 100% campus recruitment across major companies in respective sectors.

An Overview of Chitkara University Campuses
Chitkara University – Himachal
  • Chitkara School of Engineering & Technology
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Chitkara University – Himachal Pradesh

  • Chitkara School of Engineering & Technology
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Chitkara University
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