Chitkara University Research and Innovation Network (CURIN)

Chitkara University is known for its strategic, multidisciplinary research. Within our extensive network of Centers and Institutes, researchers, staff and students work across disciplines to extend the boundaries of knowledge.

At CURIN various research centres build and sustain Chitkara University’s competitive advantage through leadership. These centers and institutes are the locus of research for collaborative groups of investigators pushing the frontiers of knowledge forward. They are involved in cutting edge research, exploring new technologies to create highly efficient solar devices, developing ever-smarter applications, creating new materials and using wireless sensors networks that improve the country’s infrastructure and safety — and contributing to society through many other discoveries and innovations.

The mission of CURIN is

  • To promote interdisciplinary and applied research beneficial to our University, Society, National and International Community
  • To incorporate and inculcate inclusive research habits – with innovative streak – at all levels of students, employees and faculty

Key roles of the Centers include:

  • Maintain an institutional reputation for innovation and responsive education and training delivery to their targeted industry.
  • Translate industry research into best practices.
  • Provide system coordination, coaching, and mentoring to assist in building seamless educational and work-related systems.

Highlights of various programs under CURIN are:

  • Problem to Research approach
  • All PhD and Masters (Fellowship) programs aligned to the mission of CURIN
  • All Masters programs follow Project Based Learning approach
  • Office of Patent Facilitation is an integral part
  • “Affect” effect in UG programs

List of Centers of Excellence

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