Gaurav Goyal, CSE student pursuing Semester Exchange Program in University of Alicante, Spain

Gaurav Goyal, student of Chitkara School of Computer Science & Engineering is pursuing his Semester Exchange Program in University of Alicante, Spain.

Student Exchange Program of Chitkara University provides a platform for the students to explore the World and gain a new perspective. The students also explore the architectural delight, scenic and serene beauty of Europe during their stint in Spain.

The students will spend one semester in Spain at the partner University’s campus which will last for six months. The students undertake various learning assignments and spend time exploring the culture and the education system of the respective country. The experience helps them in widening their horizons and lets them improve their communication skills by exchanging innovative ideas with students from different countries.

Chitkara University has partnered with various Universities and Colleges all over the world. It has been providing multiple opportunities to its students for learning and developing new skills. Chitkara University believes in grooming its students and helping them gain newer perspectives by exploring the world. Holistic development of the students is the aim.

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