Algorythm lets students conquer their imagination

There are several successful activities, which commence, on and off the campus yearly. Algorythm is a part of such an active regime. It is a cultural National Level Festival , which provides all the youngsters a platform to show up their talent in several genres.

Every year Algorythm comes with a lot of dynamism and enthusiasm and this year it just got better. The event witnessed different flavors of talent and endless gusto. Algorythm 2015 ­ Merge to Emerge, was definitely a site to watch.

Algorythm witnessed a new level of buzzing energy and creativity. With over a participation of 5000+, entire campus bloomed with people from all cultures and diversities.

The festival includes events cultural contests in literary, dance, music and drama categories, along with a number of workshops on different themes.
The team of Algorythm consists of student volunteers who work to promote creativity, enthusiasm and intellectualism, and it symbolizes a place to be together and celebrate.

Each year, the festival follows a specific theme. The theme for this year was “Merge to Emerge” with an aim to serve as a perfect platform for thousands of people to come along, voice their untold stories and rise.

The most significant part of the event was Gurdas Maan making his way to the campus. He stirred everyone with his soulful renditions and created an undying youthful vibe.

DJ Harsh made everyone swing to his tunes leaving everyone in a No Mind State through EDM.


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