C Language never looked as easy as it did during a workshop organized by our experts

Department of Mathematics, Chitkara University, Himachal Pradesh campus, organized a detailed workshop on Analytical and Numerical Methods using C Language for faculty development.

Several attended the workshop that included both graduate and post-graduate students, faculty members and industrialists. They were able to delve deep into the Analytical and Numerical Methods using C Language.

Numerical analysis problems originate generally from real-world application of natural sciences, engineering, medicine and business and keeping this in mind, everyone who attended the workshop came to know about the importance of numerical analysis in the real world.

The workshop further emphasized on not just numerical methods but also the natural phenomena and engineering processes. Everyone at the workshop was exposed to a combination of theoretical sessions with the practical computer demonstration and exercises to give delegates hands-on experience.

The five-day workshop proved to be a learning experience for faculty and the students who were a part of the event.

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