Chitkara School of Pharmacy Explores Cutting-Edge Chromatography Trends with Industry Luminary

Published on January 18, 2024 | 166 views

Chitkara School of Pharmacy at Chitkara University, Himachal Pradesh, recently played host to an illuminating session on ‘Innovations and Recent Trends in Chromatography.’ The distinguished speaker for the occasion was Madan Dhiman, the esteemed Managing Director of Seagull Biotech, Chandigarh.
In an engaging discourse, Madan Dhiman, a veteran in the pharmaceutical industry, shared profound insights into the dynamic world of chromatography. The session proved to be an invaluable opportunity for students and faculty alike to gain a comprehensive understanding of the latest innovations within this critical realm of pharmaceutical sciences.

Chromatography, a cornerstone in drug development and analysis, took center stage as Madan Dhiman unravelled recent breakthroughs and technological advancements. His expertise not only enriched the academic environment but also provided aspiring pharmacists with a real-world perspective on the evolving landscape of chromatography.
The event seamlessly aligned with Chitkara University’s commitment to fostering holistic education by bringing industry stalwarts closer to students. Madan Dhiman’s industry-focused presentation served as a catalyst for academic curiosity, encouraging students to explore the forefront of chromatography.

Chitkara School of Pharmacy, known for its dedication to producing industry-ready professionals, continues to bridge the gap between theoretical learning and practical industry insights. Collaborations with industry leaders like Mr. Dhiman ensure that students receive exposure to the latest advancements and emerging trends, preparing them for successful careers in the pharmaceutical landscape.

As the session concluded, the School of Pharmacy expressed its sincere gratitude to Madan Madan Dhiman for his invaluable contribution. The success of the event lies not just in the wealth of knowledge shared but in its role as a vital bridge between academia and industry, contributing significantly to the holistic development of students pursuing pharmaceutical sciences at Chitkara University.