Chitkara University and ACU, Sydney Ink Landmark Agreement to Foster Global Collaboration

Published on September 5, 2023 | 193 views

In a significant development that heralds a new era of international collaboration and academic excellence, Chitkara University and Australian Catholic University (ACU) have formally entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). The historic agreement was signed by Dr. Professor Zlatko Skrbis, Vice Chancellor, ACU, and Prof. Chris Riley, Pro Vice Chancellor, ACU, with Dr. Rajnish Sharma, Vice Chancellor, Chitkara University, Himachal Pradesh, in the presence of Prof. Sanjeev Sahni, Vice President, Office of International Affairs, Chitkara University.

The signing ceremony took place at ACU’s Sydney campus, underscoring the commitment of both institutions to fostering global partnerships.

This MoU signifies a significant milestone in the evolving relationship between ACU and Chitkara University. The agreement seeks to promote, support, and facilitate various forms of collaboration, including teaching and learning initiatives, student and staff exchange programs, and joint participation in internationally funded projects.

Prof. Chris Riley emphasised the alignment of vision between the two universities. He stated, “The partnership with Chitkara University underscores ACU’s dedication to strengthening ties with prominent higher education institutions in India. With a shared focus on industry relations and practical learning, this agreement marks an important milestone for partnerships between the two universities. It is the first step towards a journey of international exchange, mutual growth, and academic excellence. As we continue to foster global connections and innovation, this agreement lays a strong foundation for close collaboration in transnational education and research programs involving Chitkara’s students, academics, and administrative staff members.”

Dr. Madhu Chitkara, Pro-Chancellor, Chitkara University, expressed her enthusiasm for this momentous occasion, saying, “Chitkara University is honoured to partner with ACU to create diverse opportunities and immense possibilities, strategically and illustratively forging our cherished bilateral ties. The signing of this agreement marks the beginning of a highly promising partnership, and we eagerly anticipate exploring various avenues of collaboration. Together, we aim to create meaningful opportunities for our students and faculties.”

This partnership between ACU and Chitkara University not only signifies a strengthened global network but also underscores the commitment of both institutions to deliver world-class education and research opportunities to their respective communities.