Chitkara University Hosts Event on Innovative Strategies for Energy Conservation

Published on January 25, 2024 | 164 views

Chitkara University’s School of Engineering and Technology, in collaboration with IIC, presented a compelling event titled “Innovative Strategies for Energy Conservation to Combat Global Warming” on January 23, 2024. Held at the university’s Himachal Pradesh campus, the event aimed to foster awareness and discussions around crucial strategies for energy conservation in the face of the global warming crisis.

The proceedings commenced with a special session on energy conservation, led by the founders of the student startup “VolTrack Pvt. Ltd.” During this insightful session, the founders shared not only their expertise in energy conservation but also their entrepreneurial journey, shedding light on the invaluable support provided by Chitkara University.

The event drew active participation from over 100 students representing various schools and colleges within the university. The students exhibited a keen interest in the topic, showcasing a collective enthusiasm to explore opportunities in patents and startups related to energy conservation.

One of the highlights of the event was a declamation contest where participants articulated their thoughts on innovative strategies for energy conservation. The focus extended to India’s significant contributions to combating global warming. The winners of the declamation contest were announced as follows: Ms. Vedika secured the 1st prize, followed by Ms. Riya in 2nd place, and Ms. Kirti Sharma in 3rd place.

The initiative taken by Chitkara University to address pressing environmental issues through such engaging events reflects its commitment to nurturing environmentally conscious and innovative minds. By providing a platform for students to delve into topics of global significance, the university encourages a proactive approach towards finding sustainable solutions.

The event not only provided a platform for insightful discussions and knowledge-sharing but also recognised and celebrated the eloquence and innovative thinking of the participating students. Chitkara University remains dedicated to fostering a culture of environmental responsibility and forward-thinking among its student community.