Chitkara University proves its mettle in Teaching and Research Award Categories by R World Institutional Rankings.

Published on December 1, 2022 | 268 views

Chitkara University, Himachal Pradesh, has been awarded three awards in different categories of Teaching and Research by R World Institutional Rankings.

1. Research Excellence Ranking 2023 -Diamond Band in India for Research Excellence

2. Employability and Start-up Ecosystem Ranking (ESER) 2023- Gold Band in India for Employability and Start-up Ecosystem Ranking.

3. India Academia Ranking 2023 – Diamond Band in India for Academic Excellence.

R. World Institutional Rankings envision to consider all possible combinations of measures of funding and endowment, research excellence and/or influence, specialization expertise, admissions, student options, award numbers, internationalization, graduate employment, industrial linkage, historical reputation, and other criteria, not limited to evaluating on institutional output by research. W I Ranking is popularly accepted for giving a comprehensive overview of the strengths of the institutions ranked, incorporating quantifiable characteristics.

Furthermore, R. World Institutional Rankings is perceived as a measure of quality in academia and so creates intense competition between universities/institutions. Each of the rankings is a comprehensive overview of the institutions. WI Ranking also offers Universities an auditing service that provides in-depth information about institutional strengths and weaknesses, to help achieve better rankings in the 7 Rare Rankings in Academia. 

These certificates of excellence are testimony to the hard work, dedication towards research, and innovation ecosystem of Chitkara University. Notably, Chitkara University’s culture of collaboration has been driving innovative discoveries in areas vital to our world and our intellectual life, which is being recognized across important platforms.