Chitkara University Welcomes Delegation from Aivancity, School for Technology, Business, and Society, Paris-Cachan

Published on November 24, 2023 | 177 views

The Office of International Affairs at Chitkara University, Himachal Pradesh, recently played host to a delegation from Aivancity, School for Technology, Business, and Society, Paris-Cachan. This significant encounter unfolded under the theme ‘International Opportunities at Aivancity for Technology, Business & Society, Paris-Cachan,’ as the delegation engaged in enlightening discussions with students from the Computer Science Engineering department.

Dr. Laurent Chebassier, the International Relations Director at Aivancity Paris, took the stage to deliver a thought-provoking address. His discourse, which encompassed pivotal topics such as artificial intelligence, data science, Internet of Things, and Big Data, not only underscored the contemporary significance of Artificial Intelligence but also shed light on the diverse range of international programs offered by Aivancity. Accompanying Dr. Chebassier was Prof. Amod Bhat, Director for the India Subcontinent and ME Region.

The engaging session facilitated a dynamic exchange of ideas, providing students with valuable insights into the global landscape of technology and business education. Dr. Meenu Khurana, Pro Vice-Chancellor of Chitkara University, Himachal Pradesh, actively participated in a meaningful conversation with the delegation. The focus of the discussion centered on the exploration of collaborative avenues, including short-term and semester exchanges, along with joint research initiatives. The emphasis was particularly on advancing comprehensive student and faculty development programs that transcend geographical boundaries.

This strategic dialogue between Chitkara University and Aivancity seeks to foster international cooperation, opening doors to transformative experiences for students and faculty alike. The potential collaborations discussed during the session hold promise for creating a conducive environment for academic growth and mutual understanding.

The Office of International Affairs at Chitkara University is optimistic that this interaction will leave a lasting impact, paving the way for students to derive substantial benefits from the shared insights and collaborative initiatives discussed during this momentous occasion.