Chitkara Volleyball Team Shines at IIT Delhi

Sports activities form an integral part of the Chitkara curriculum because we believe that sports activities are important to instill discipline among students, encourage concentration and physical fitness.

For this, there are various sport activities to choose from at the University. For this, staff and faculty put in their best efforts to encourage students to take up these activities. These efforts have brought out exceptional results several times with Chitkara University students outshining others at various competitions. This time it was Chitkara University, Himachal Pradesh, volleyball team that got us the laurels at IIT, Delhi.

It indeed is a moment of great pride for everyone at Chitkara University, as the volleyball team proved their mettle among 24 teams and grabbed the second position in SPORTECH (Annual Sports Fest) held at IIT, Delhi.

Chitkara University congratulates the winners and congratulates the faculty and staff members who have been by our student’s side always to encourage them and improve their skills.


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