CSE Alumni Dixit Bhargav writes a book ‘Management T20’

Management T20 is a self-help book wherein we have elucidated some core and general topics of management with reference to cricket.

Understanding management, which in itself is a gargantuan subject, is no mean task. This is where this book is likely to come into play. In a country like ours, where cricket is nothing less than a religion, and cricketers, nothing less than its demigods, throwing light on managerial topics with suitable examples from the cricket field becomes comparatively simple.

The book is titled ‘Management T20’ because we want to send across the message of learning management in a short span of time. Moreover, it tunes well with the modern-day youth, who are heavily allured to a revolution named ‘T20’ in cricket.

The reason for adding 24 chapters in this book is the fact that a bowler is allowed to bowl only 24 deliveries in a T20 fixture. So, here we are, bowling our full quota of 24 balls against the readers/audiences in this contest of learning. How many runs do they score, in terms of how much do they learn from this book is up to them now.

Since we are making our debut as authors with this book, our first chapter is ‘Grabbing the Opportunity’ wherein we have discussed the best performances of debutants in Test and ODI cricket. Moving forward, we have laid emphasis on how strategy (and that too of different types) plays a vital role in the commercial success of an organization.

We have also covered core managerial topics, such as ‘Ansoff Matrix’, ‘The 4 P’s of Marketing’ and ‘Mintzberg 5P Strategy’. What is likely to tempt the readers is the fact that we have explained each and every topic with the help of a cricketing situation. For example, how Mintzberg 5P Strategy can be learnt with reference to Mumbai Indians’ victory in the 10th season of the Indian Premier League (IPL).

For the middle overs, we have kept chapters like ‘Leadership’, ‘Unethical Practices’ and ‘Conflict’, all of whom are crucial aspects or happen on a regular note in both organizations and cricket grounds. Chapters like ‘Technology’, ‘Hashtag’ and ‘Innovation Strategies’ will cover the modern contemporary facets of business and cricket.

We have also added some motivating chapters such as ‘Bruised but Not Beaten’, ‘Despite the Difficulties’ and ‘Standing Alone’. The third one is also the last chapter of our book. And guess, whose story do we have to finish the book? None other than Mahendra Singh Dhoni. After all, he will go down as one of the greatest finishers that the game has ever seen.

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