Didar Ali from Chitkara School of Computer Science pursues internship at Germany

Didar Ali, student of Chitkara School of Computer Science, is currently pursuing his semester exchange program at Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences, Germany.

He is deriving global exposure, which will prepare him well for the professional world. Practical (co-op) phases as well as group projects form his present curriculum.

Osnabrück UAS is preparing Didar for the professional world. Education has to have a scientific basis so that students when become professionals are able to work with expertise and ability as they take over various responsibilities. This is the reason that we enable and ensure that the students get practice-oriented exposure in both teaching and research.

Educational institutes, colleges and universities have entered into a competition that is tougher than ever before. By initiating global exchange of students, we are attempting to set their educational foundation.

Didar and his present faculty are successfully engaging in contract research. Apart from just professional and academic knowledge, he is gaining insight on the German culture and is interacting with international students.


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