Global Week 2018: Around the world in seven days

Published on October 30, 2018 | 2607 views

From the past decade, Chitkara University has been continuously & consistently hosting annually “block week” for their over 14500 deserving students across all their multidisciplinary & comprehensive faculties and at multi-locational campuses, where eminent guest professors from 162 trusted & priority partner Universities from 38 countries are annually invited to teach predetermined short module capstone courses for 15-20 hours per week.

This globally acclaimed event offers an excellent opportunity for all the participating Universities to promote their International Programs besides experience a phenomenal global ambiance while getting acquainted with the rich culture & diversity of India besides significantly establishing an invaluably high-powered global networking instantaneously.
Over the past ten years, Chitkara University’s quest & tireless efforts of promoting Internalization has enabled their strategic initiative of Global Series as the most sought-after yet one of the largest “WorldClass TNE-TeamTaught” platforms to extensively elevate their crucial mandates of promoting blended learning through collaborated teaching across borders only for their aspiring students, who are their only sole & core assets.

This year too, Chitkara University will be hosting their 10th Global Week-2018 (22nd-26th October) that will witness the participation of over 75 plus distinguished guest professors representing about 55 prestigious partner Universities from 21 countries across the six continents who would jointly set an outstanding benchmark & phenomenal precedent much in the true sense & essence of Internationalization.

The sheer outcome of Chitkara University’s Global Week Series has been remarkably outstanding that has resulted in diverse areas aspired impacts, may it be to boost extensive mobility cohorts for both teaching & learning engagements, joint curriculum designing, developing & delivering, substantial student exchanges from both host & home institutions, coveted scholarships, articulations and twinning, mentorship led programs facilitating both apprenticeship & internships, Industry linkages for training, essential skill & will development, specific consultations besides ongoing CPD, MDP & FDP capstone modules, joint patenting, co-research supervision, co-publications & citations, resource sharing, affiliations & accreditations, co-founding & co-working, critical endowments or even co-funding & crucial grants for enabling a one open yet global talent pool for all the affirmative actions that are mutually beneficial for all the stakeholders either bilaterally, tri-laterally or multilaterally that predominately offers a springboard opportunity to the students of Chitkara University to catapult their careers aspirations globally.