Chitkara students Hostel Committee organizes Friends’ Eve for Hostlers

It was time to unwind, enjoy and celebrate with friends and for reasons that did not really exist. The only reason that existed was ‘being friends’. Hostel Committee of Chitkara University, Himachal Pradesh, organized a Friends’ Eve for hostel students.

Our most wonderful moments are those spent with our friends and the Hostel Committee happened to remember this and organize fun and frolic at the eve.

There were several fun activities lined up for the students like musical chairs, balloon dance or mesmerizing music and a lot more.

Participants were given fun prizes for participating in games that kept the mood of the evening on and allowed the students to remain involved in events.

Chitkara students took part in the event with a lot of enthusiasm and over all the event was a major success. It also allowed the students to take an off from their everyday routine and rejuvenate themselves with friends.


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