NSS volunteers organize blood donation camp

A blood donation camp was organised by NSS unit in collaboration with Indira Gandhi Medical College, IGMCH, Shimla, in which more than 100 units of blood was donated by students and staff of Chitkara University.

Students expressed enthusiasm and keenness to be a part of the camp. Over 100 units of blood was collected during the camp, which proved to be a huge success. The doctors and staff from IGMCH, Shimla, who were at the campus thanked the students for their initiative and stated that India has a huge shortage of blood and donating blood can save someone’s life and is a very noble cause.

They urged the students to keep donating, as it is a prime way of giving back to humankind. Every now and then our volunteers keep organizing blood donation camps and it is always better than before as along with collecting blood at the camp, awareness on the importance of donating blood and how blood shortage impacts the country, is also spread among all present which also leads to a better participation and response.

Those present from IGMCH extended a note of thanks to Chitkara University, Himachal Pradesh, for organizing a blood donation camp and every one at the University thanked IGMCH for the assistance they provided.

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