Professors from International Universities attend Global Engineering Week


A global engineering week was organised at the Himachal Pradesh campus, which was conducted from March 29 to April 6, and was attended by erudite professors from various universities across the globe.

Workshops on various issues pertaining to the virtual world like Wireless Sensor Networks, Cloud Computing, Sustainable ICT, Applied Data Mining, Mobile Computing etc. were organised. The aim of these workshops was to make the students aware of the latest developments and activities in the field of emerging technologies.

While welcoming the professors from different countries, different flags were displayed at the campus. Professors from countries like Australia, China, France, Finland, Indonesia, Malaysia and Scotland graced the week held at Chitkara.

About 500 students were a part of the Global Engineering Week and they derived benefit through an entirely different style of teaching.

A methodical interaction with the visiting professors had given students from CSE and ECE department a great exposure.

The week also proved to be a platform for bringing the local staff closer to the faculty from Chitkara University’s international partners.

The visiting professors shared a healthy interaction with faculty at Chitkara. The lecturers then conducted interactive training sessions and hands-on workshops of about three hours duration per day.

Overall, it was a learning experience for our students, faculty and professors who came to our campus.


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