Students at their creative best during Nirman

It was time for our students from Chitkara University, Himachal Pradesh, to explore their creative side at Nirman-A unique best out of waste competition.

Evenings for hostlers at Chitkara University are always busy as the Hostel Committee is always focused in harnessing the energy of students to create something new and different.

Hostel Committee at Chitkara University, Himachal Pradesh, believes in keeping the students eventful so that they can channelize their energy towards something that benefits them. Following this, various timely competitions are a regular at the campus. Students express immense enthusiasm at these competitions and actively participate in them.

One such competition was Best out of Waste – Nirman where the students showcased their innovative side to come up to save the environment with recycling and reuse of waste material. They made appealing and interesting things out of waste material they had and impressed everyone who witnessed their creation. Overall, it was a fun event that gave a chance to the participants to think out of the box.

The winners who stood first and second were Sharad Dabra, Vanshu and Palak, respectively.


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