Technovation 2K18 ‘gives the wings’ to create, innovate

Department of Civil Engineering, Chitkara University, Himachal Pradesh, organised a two-day fest “TECHNOVATION 2k18”, to encourage Engineering students to showcase and test their technical, team building and organisational skills, by competing in multiple technical events.

Technovation 2k18, the second edition, is the biggest platform for young innovative minds to showcase their technical skills. In the two days jam-packed with a plethora of amazing events, around 410 students participated with great enthusiasm. This year’s events included Telegenic, Clash of Wits, Bridge-IT, Cast a Cube, Brick Tower, Survey Hunt, etc.

Intermittently, during the events, the team of National Institute of Fire Engineering and Safety Management also visited the campus and demonstrated the importance of Civil Engineers in design and management of fire networks at various places.

The fest was inaugurated by Vice-Chancellor, Chitkara University, H.P., Dr. Varinder Kanwar, in the presence of Deans & Heads of all University departments. In the Valedictory ceremony, chief guest Er. G.J.S. Rosha, President, American Society of Civil Engineers-Northern Region, shared his wisdom with the students and honoured the winners with trophies, certificates and cash prizes of Rs 20,000, each.

The main sponsors of the event were Ultratech, Innovative Systems, AIMCO and Gate Gurus.

The Technovation 2018 award winners are as follows:

Event: Cast a Cube (Mortar)
1st Prize: Pankaj Sharma, Batch 2017
Sanyam Sharma, Batch 2017

Cast a Cube (Concrete)
1st Prize: Yatin Bhardwaj, Batch 2015
Ashish Pathania, Batch 2015

Event: Ballista
1st Prize: Deepak and Sujan, Batch 2016

Event: TechQ
1st Prize: Parth Ahuja

Event: Survey Hunt
1st Prize: Jafar Ali, Saurabh Deb, Vivek Sharma, Batch 2016
2nd Prize: Binod Khanal, Dinesh Yadav, Abhishek Thakur, Abhishek Verma, Batch 2015

Event: Geometric Charades
1st Prize: Avni, Saransh, Batch 2017
2nd Prize: Anjali Nagpal, Shreya Sharma, Batch 2018

Event: Brick Tower
1st Prize: Rohit Kumar, Batch 2017
Rupinder Pal, Batch 2017

2nd Prize: Varinder, Batch 2016, CUPB
Raghav, Batch 2016, CUPB
Subhangi, Batch 2016, CUPB

We congratulate all the participants and the winners for their technical efforts in making the event successful.

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