Prep for a Successful Career

“Chitkara University,” – two words in your resume that instantly peak your recruiter’s interest. Employers in today’s market rely heavily on resumes that illustrate extensive and first hand industrial exposure, be it through relevant internships, volunteer work, workshops or interactions with the industry experts. Chitkara University, known for its robust industry network and industry-oriented programs, ensures magnificently that our graduates are the talent, the employers seek and who transition seamlessly into the workforce.

  • Industry-led courses

    A cutting edge curriculum grounded in experiential learning, plus strong industry partnerships, means our classes teach the skills employers want. To prepare our students for a successful career, we work closely with the industry to deliver our academic programs and ensure that our courses are relevant, practical and deliver the skills in demand, allowing our students to hit the ground running.

  • Campus Recruitment

    Known for its stellar placement record, Chitkara University has over 2000 recruiters companies visiting its campus each year. Owing to the exceptional quality of our education, our graduates are highly sought-after by recruiters while our robust industry network opens up a world of employment opportunities to our students across diverse industries and across the globe.

  • Life Changing Internships

    Experience begets experience, as recruiters everywhere seek candidates with relevant work history. Thus getting work experience prior to landing a job remains a student’s biggest challenge. While most universities today offer internships to help students overcome this challenge, it is the type of internship opportunities we offer, which sets us apart. Internship opportunities abound not only in India but across the world at Chitkara University.

  • Learn from the Best

    Our Faculty comprises of top class academicians, lecturers and researchers, committed to grooming best talent as well as their own growth via their intense engagement with the industry. Our strong corporate relationships allow them ample opportunity to upgrade themselves and benefit from a constant exchange with the industry by way of diverse projects such as, Faculty Development Programs, Faculty Consulting opportunities, research projects and symposiums.

  • Industry Mentors

    A little advice from someone who has “been there and done that” goes a long way. All our programs, therefore, offer unlimited opportunities to students to engage with experts from their field through frequently held Guest Lectures, one-on-one mentoring, and workshops. Students thus learn about the new industry trends, get a chance to build their own professional network and to interact with the Who’s Who in their profession.

  • Centres of Excellence

    With its stellar reputation in academics, industrial collaborations and research, Chitkara University has managed to attract the interest of several renowned organisations that have come to establish their Centres of Excellence (COE) on our campuses. These COE make available state-of-the-art infrastructure with latest equipment and facilities thus providing the perfect training ground for our students to up their employability game and quotient.

Strong Industry Collaborations

We maintain close links with leading blue-chip companies and professional associations to deliver most of our academic programs, ensure that our courses are relevant and practical and deliver the skills in demand, allowing our graduates to hit the ground running.