Chitkara School of Hospitality Management

Picture This !! You are managing a five-star hotel or resort. Opening the hottest restaurant in town. Running a casino or a theme park. Or creating the marketing for an airline, national tourism campaign or even your favourite IPL team.

Sounds Exciting? It Is. That’s what hospitality management careers are like. And this is just a tiny sampling of the vast variety of dynamic opportunities that await you in the global hospitality industry. Hospitality continues to be one of the world’s fastest growing industries. If you’d like a career that is professionally stimulating and personally fulfilling, and that can take you anywhere in the world, take a look at the hospitality sector and consider the unique, innovative hospitality management network that can put you on the fast track to success.

Hospitality graduates from Chitkara University graduate with a broad business knowledge and an exceptional network of hospitality industry contacts. It is a world-class training centre where dedication and close ties to the hospitality and tourism industry are hallmarks of teaching and learning. Students get unparalleled instruction from the best mentors in the field and gain an excellent head start in the dynamic and exciting world of hospitality, catering & tourism. It is developed and managed by individuals who are top international hotel professionals and they bring to the classroom expertise and business acumen that provides students with comprehensive theoretical knowledge and practical hands-on experience necessary to prepare for a rewarding career in dynamic and exciting industries of hospitality, tourism and catering.

Our Hospitality Programs are based upon a solid business curriculum with a focus on people and serviceoriented operations. Extensive internships provide an array of practical field experience and set our Hospitality majors apart from any other. Join us in building your passion, imagination and knowledge into an incredibly exciting career.


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