Chitkara University celebrates the Gold Award achievement by QCI – DL Shah Quality Award, yet again!

Published on December 19, 2020 | 459 views

Chitkara University, Himachal Pradesh was honoured with Gold Award’ at the 13th QCI – DL Shah Quality Award for the project and case study on “Impact of academia in achievement of sustainable development goals by setting up a zero discharge campus”.

The project clearly showcased the quality standards maintained, which in result reflected the continuous improvement of processes, services and effective operations through cost-effective model.

Chitkara University became the first University in the country among more than 1,000 industries, service sectors and MNCs to get this recognition for two successive years.

The QCI-DL Shah Quality Awards started in 2007 and are positioned PAN-India. The awards are recognition for successful projects of an organisation and institutions that have resulted in constant improvement of processes, products or services, better and effective operations and increased customers/stakeholders satisfaction.

The QCI-DL Shah Quality Awards recognises successful projects of an organisation with an aim to promote awareness that performance improvement through quality initiatives is an important element for gaining a competitive edge.