Dr Shaily Jain, Deputy Dean, CSE along with engineering students at University of West England, Bristol

Published on August 17, 2017 | 1565 views

Dr. Shaily Jain, Deputy Dean Computer Science and Engineering along with 12 students, represented Chitkara University at University of West England, Bristol, UK. The team became part of academic entrepreneurship at Bristol.

Academic researchers, faculty and students are great examples of entrepreneurship as they renew the face of education in a combined effort. Dr Jain stated that academic entrepreneurs are faculty at academic institutions that pursue to integrate aspects of viable engagement into their research work with the eventual goal of fast-tracking the real enactment of their research in order to advance education at all levels.
The participation of team Chitkara in Bristol added to creating value through acts of organisational foundation, restoration and innovation that occurred at their academic institution and resulted in ties for a lifetime.
During their time at the UWE in Bristol, the team took part in a variety of academic activities promoting academic entrepreneurship. They also represented the spirit of India and showcased the rich culture of our country in a manner that was appreciated by one and all. The students and faculty stood as an epitome of modern education combined with a refined facet of culture in all their activities.