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Chitkara University, Himachal Pradesh believes in imparting intellectual education that promotes social welfare amidst young citizens of India through promotion of culture and art education. The university offers a platform to all students to participate in various creative activities and experience appreciation of culture and art. To promote regional culture and art we have established an art gallery where art works made by students have been displayed with a wide range of literature available for avid readers on art, literature, and culture.

Chitkara Art gallery represents and hosts diverse cultural and art activities throughout the academic year including cultural events, workshops on performing arts, paintings, and drama. These activities have led to successful promotion of culture and art education for Chitkarians. Over the past years there has been a significant increase in the students’ contribution towards cultural welfare with their engagement in activities organized on campus within art education and culture.

Regional revitalization is done by celebrating Himachal diwas where students paint scenic beauty of Himalayas while other students perform folk dance, Nati. Students enthusiastically perform folk dances from other states as well including Bhangra,

The university conducts focused support towards creative activities that are a driving force to improve the standard of indigenous art forms like Madhubani, Warli, Tinga and Mandal Paintings.

Variety of artistic exchanges with regional and international artists both online and offline are organized through workshops and training sessions on art therapy. Special sessions on Art therapy are organized for each school and college of the university to create awareness and promote artistic activities for people with disabilities.

To support traditional techniques and skills and preserve traditional culture students display fulkari and hand woven clothes at the diwali fair and charity fest every year.

The university education ensures students inherit culture and the arts passing it to the next generation. We have adopted a management within our educational activities that promote national and international cultural diversity and mutual understanding towards culture and arts. The university aims to promote Digital Archiving of cultural events in times to come as a critical factor for using advanced knowledge, technology and the experience of its students and faculty to reflect on projects of heritage protection, educational sustainability and success.

Art Gallery – Tagore Cultural Complex

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