Chitkara University Gears Up for Faculty Development Programme

The Academic and Administrative Development Centre (AADC) at Chitkara University Himachal Pradesh, in collaboration with the Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC), is set to host a week-long Faculty Development Programme (FDP) on Environmental Sustainability and Green Technologies in Research and Education. Scheduled to take place from May 18th to May 24th, 2024, the programme aims to provide faculty members with insights, tools, and strategies to integrate environmental sustainability principles into academic research and educational practices.

With a focus on leveraging green technologies to drive transformative changes in academic research, the FDP will explore various dimensions of environmental sustainability. From implementing the National Education Policy (NEP) to optimizing healthcare management through sustainable practices, participants will delve into innovative approaches to fostering sustainable development in their respective fields.

Key focus areas of the programme include:

  • Green Technologies Transforming Academic Research
  • Implementation of NEP for Sustainable Development
  • Healthcare Management Optimization through Sustainability
  • Innovations Driving Sustainable Development in Education
  • Strategies for Integrating Environmental Sustainability
  • Metrics for Assessing Environmental Impact
  • Policy Guidelines for Sustainable Practices
  • Implementation of Energy-Efficient Systems
  • Exploration of Telemedicine and Remote Healthcare Delivery Models

Through a combination of lectures, workshops, case studies, and interactive sessions, participants will gain practical insights and actionable strategies to incorporate environmental sustainability principles into their teaching, research, and administrative roles. Renowned experts and thought leaders in the field will lead the sessions, offering valuable perspectives and best practices to inspire and empower the attendees.

As participants will embark on this enriching journey, they are poised to gain valuable insights and practical strategies that will enable them to make meaningful contributions to environmental sustainability in academia and beyond. This programme serves as a platform for faculty members to exchange ideas, learn from experts, and contribute to building a more sustainable future.

The Faculty Development Programme on Environmental Sustainability and Green Technologies represents a significant step towards fostering a culture of sustainability in academia. As educators, researchers, and administrators come together to explore innovative approaches and best practices, they are not only enhancing their own professional development but also contributing to a greener, more sustainable future for generations to come. Through collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and collective action, the programme aims to catalyse positive change and inspire a new era of environmental stewardship in research and education.

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