Chitkara University to Host ICMLA 2024

Chitkara University, Himachal Pradesh, is set to host the prestigious 1st International Conference on Machine Learning Algorithms in Science, Technology, Engineering, Management, Medical Science, Healthcare, and Advances in Machine Learning (ICMLA 2024) on February 23–24, 2024. This non-profit event is a platform that brings together professionals, academicians, and researchers to deliberate on the latest trends, advancements, and future directions in various interdisciplinary fields.

About the Conference

ICMLA 2024 stands as a unique initiative that transcends traditional boundaries, fostering collaboration among practitioners and researchers in the realms of Science, Technology, Engineering, Medical Sciences, Management, and Healthcare. Chitkara University is honoured to organise this distinguished conference, providing a stage for experts to share insights, discuss challenges, and chart the course for future research in these dynamic domains.


The primary goal of ICMLA is to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and experiences among experts in the diverse fields covered. By gathering practitioners and researchers, the conference aims to create a forum for in-depth discussions on prevalent issues, explore potential solutions, and envision the trajectory of future research in the specified areas.

Conference Highlights

The conference will encompass a broad spectrum of topics, including Artificial Intelligence, Bayesian Network, Computer Vision, Data Mining, Deep Learning, IoT, Machine Learning Algorithms, Neural Networks, Robotics, and Security and Privacy for IoT, among others. These topics reflect the interdisciplinary nature of the conference, providing a comprehensive overview of the integration of machine learning algorithms in various sectors.

Call for Participation

Chitkara University invites professionals, academicians, and researchers from around the globe to participate actively in ICMLA 2024. The conference promises an engaging environment for networking, knowledge sharing, and collaborative exploration of cutting-edge developments in machine learning.

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