Media Laboratory / Studios

As a main facility and source of support for the university, the institution has developed a dedicated media center at the Kalam Block for media center for the development of material and resources for Massive Online Open Courses, lecture recording center, and AR/VR.

The devoted team members provide the subject expertise for audio-video recording, scripting, editing, etc. The university has chosen a team of academics and support professionals to carry out the proper design and delivery of the MOOC courses through various Government of India portals. The open YouTube channel was set up by Chitkara University to host a variety of videos produced on campus using the media equipment there. As a resource for the students and faculty, we covered a variety of courses, including "Computer Science and Python," "Core Java," "Self Care," "Spatial Domain Analysis," and "Chitkara University Himachal Pradesh – Hackday 2021."

Video – Media Hub

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