A book edited by one of our faculty members along with Wiley publishing, USA

Congratulations to one of our faculty members, Dr. Abhishek Kumar, Assistant Professor, CURIN, Chitkara University, as he has edited a book titled, ‘Business Transformation of Things in Business Transfer: Engineering and Business Strategy for Industry 5.0’, along with other authors at Wiley Publishing, USA. This book helps to develop and implement a powerful IoT strategy for business transformation as well as project execution.

It is indeed a matter of great honour that the book will be indexed by major Indexing Agencies and it will be available on online stores such as Amazon, Flipkart and on the Wiley websites as well.

Wiley is an American multinational publishing company founded in the year 1807, that focuses on academic publishing and instructional materials. Various books, journals and encyclopedias, both in print and electronically, are produced by this famous publishing company. In addition to this, they also produce online products and services, training and educational materials for undergraduate, graduate and continuing education students.

We are really proud of Dr. Abhishek for this great achievement and we wish him good luck for his future endeavors !!


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