Dr. Rajnish Sharma, Dean (Academics), Himachal Pradesh campus, chairs session at TI India

Dr Rajnish Sharma, Dean, Academics, Himachal Pradesh campus, Chitkara University, was at Texas Instruments India Educators Conference for chairing a session at the conference held at Bengaluru.

It was a memorable experience indeed, Dr Rajnish said about the conference. He had chaired a session on ‘Robotics’ at the TI India Educators Conference, Bengaluru.

While talking about the conference he said that there were several papers presented at the event and the quality of these papers was outstanding. He added that the convener of the conference was Dr C.P. Ravi Kumar, Director, University Relations, Texas Instruments, it was a two-day conference and had started on April 4.

Overall, the experience was unforgettable and yielding, Dr Rajnish said.


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