Lab Details

The department is well equipped with air conditioned labs with PCs and workstations hosting several software packages, and linked through a local area network. Internet services are available to all the students and faculty members. The high speed broadband internet connectivity provides fast internet access for multiple users. The following internet connections are available:

  • 1 Gbps Internet connectivity from BSNL.
  • 50 Mbps Internet connectivity from Tata Tele Services as backup.

Software Labs
The Department has a set up of 11 full-fledged Software Labs including CUDA labs, well equipped with PCs of latest configuration. Students get option of using Windows or Linux. The softwares like JDK, Raptor, g++,gcc, MySQL, Packet Tracer are
installed in the labs according to the requirement.

nVIDIA Parallel Computing Lab
nVidia Parallel Computing lab is an industry sponsored lab in collaboration with nVidia. Company has extended its academic
investment to include support for teaching, research, and advanced education in the University. The organization has donated 1 Tesla server and 7 GeForce GPUs to setup a lab for the purpose of education and research in parallel programming using CUDA. University has also been recognized as a GPU Education Centre of the region. Students are motivated to do research in the fast emerging area of parallel and distributed computing by making the best use of the lab facilities.

Networking Lab
Information and communication are two of the most important operational issues for the success of every enterprise. In Computer
Network Laboratory students learn about the real life working of network scenario with the help of tools like “Wireshark” and “Packet Tracer”. The environment designed by the students using different network machines helps them to strike a balance between the two above said operational issues in field of networks.

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