Research Centre for Physical and Mathematical Sciences (RCPMS)

In order to provide necessary impetus to research in fundamental sciences, Research Centre for Physical and Mathematical Sciences (RCPMS) has been established. A dedicated team of researchers well versed with computational, simulations and modeling techniques have been engaged to focus on current research issues in sync with the latest developments in the fields of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. Team members are pursuing both theoretical and experimental research in diverse disciplines of nuclear, atomic and radiation Physics, atmospheric chemistry and also tackling problems of inequalities from Algebra and Statistics. Recent award of three research projects by the department of science and technology GOI, New Delhi to RCPMS is a testimony of great research efforts put in by the members.

  • Nuclear Fision-fusion dynamics
  • Drip-line nuclei studies and proton radioactivity
  • Synthesis of superheavy elements and their decay studies
  • Nuclear reactions and structures
  • Analysis of fusion barriers and cross sections
  • Electronic structure and energetic of impurities in metals and alloys
  • Near-edge processes atomic processes
  • Ion-atom interaction study
  • Aerosol research
  • Regional environmental impact assessment/ environmental quality management
  • Urban and rural environmental studies
  • Waste management
  • Biomass Burning Impacts
  • Theory of inequalities pure mathematics
  • Reliability and cost analysis of industrial system
  • Information theoretic measures its applications to data mining
  • Chaotic behavior in biological systems and controlling techniques

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