MISRC : Patents

Dr. Archana Mantri

  • Multilevel Human Simulator Based Device for Prediction of Type 2 Diabetes
    (Patent Filed Ref. No. 201611003236)
  • Vision Based Augmented Reality System for Student Attendance
    (Patent Filed Ref. No. 1954/DEL/2015)
  • Smart Helmet/Hat with Solar Panel for Security Surveillance
    (Patent Filed Ref. No. 1285/DEL/2015)

    Dr. Harsh Sohal

    • Wireless Communication Device for Improved Wi-Fi Signal
      (Patent Filed Ref. No. 3888/DEL/2015)
    • Improved Light Spot Galvanometer
      (Patent Filed Ref. No. 3773/DEL/2015)

      Mr. Sagar Juneja

      • User Controlled Automatic Timer Based Mosquito Repellent Device
        (Patent Filed Ref. No. 1937/DEL/2015)

        Dr. Rajnish Sharma

        • Improved Multi level Food Tray
          (Patent Filed Ref. No. 1731/DEL/2015)

          Mr.Sagar Juneja, Mr. Saurav Kochar and Mr. Sachin Dhiman

          • Automatic Multi- Level Parking System With Vehicle Tracking From Different Locations In The Building
            (Patent Filed Ref. No. 3898/DEL/201/DEL/2015)

            Mr. Arjun Sharma, Mr. Neeraj Kumar

            • Glove For Gripping Or Holding Metallic Object
              (Patent Filed Ref. No. 201611007170)

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