MISRC : Research Proposals

  • Assessment of seasonal snow cover changes using proposed CVA (Change Vector Analysis) based change detection algorithm over topographically corrected North Indian Himalayan.
    Funding agency: Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO)
    Principal investigator: Mr. Sartajvir Singh
    Amount: Rs. 23.24 lakhs

  • “To Investigate the Biological Effects of Electromagnetic Radiation from Cell Towers”
    (Project Cost: Rs. 34.90 lacs
    Date of submission: 10.9.2014) submitted to ISRO, Bangalore.
  • “Synthesis and characterisation of Nano-materials for display device applications”
    (Project Cost: Rs. 87.88 lacs
    Date of submission: 24.6.2014) submitted to DST, New Delhi.
  • “Synthesis, Characterisation and study of Microwave absorption by Nano-Ferrites”
    (Project Cost: Rs. 32.52 lacs
    Date of submission: 2.5.2014) Nano Mission, New Delhi.

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