MISRC : Finished Projects

  • Design of a multimedia game with hardware interfaces & controls using Raspberry Pi
    Funding Agency: RS Components & Control (I) Ltd.
    Principal Investigator: Mr. Sagar Juneja
    Amount: Rs. 10,000
  • “Cooperation in PBL Environments” (June’13 to August’13) at Media research lab, EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland:
    This project was done by Dr. Archana Mantri in collaboration with media research lab, EPFL Lausanne, Switzerland. Funded CHF 11,650 under the International Short Visit instrument of Swiss National Foundation (SNF), the overall goal of this project was to demonstrate the benefits of scaffolding PBL processes on the basis of semi-structured data. The researchers formed the basis for structuring both the content and the cooperative processes using XML in PBL environments. The project aimed at taking a bird’s eye view on the research already done in these areas and at finding out where the technology is headed to for CSCW in PBL contexts. It further intended to build a cross mapping of processes in physical spaces of PBL environments, with those in software environments. For the benefit of current and future researchers, the researchers consolidated and gave a one stop-shop to see the current trends and tell the directions where new technology, tool or application could take off in areas of computer supported PBL.
  • “Use of Tablet PCs for enhancement of technology enabled learning experience” (June’09 to August’11): at Chitkara University, India:
    This study/developmental project was handled by Dr Archana Mantri. Funded (USD 170,000) by Hewlett Packard, it involved creating general and responsible awareness about IT tools and equipments amongst students, faculty and administrators of the University. The project coincided with the onset of E-Learning era in India in general. It was concluded that the use of Laptops could not be deferred to any later date keeping in pace with the state of art learning trends. The curriculum, mode of delivery and use of teaching tools were then modified suitably to include PCs/Laptops at all levels. It also helped in setting the stage for transfer of all academic and administrative processes of the University to online mode.
  • “Effect of Problem Based Learning Instruction in Undergraduate course of Electronics and Communication Engineering” (August’06 to Feb’10):
    This research project was funded (INR 2,000,000) by All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE), India and Chitkara University, India and resulted in Dr Archana Mantri’s Ph.D. thesis, with the same title. It involved design, development, training, implementation and testing of PBL curriculum for three courses of UG program of Electronics and Communication Engineering. The effects on knowledge, skill and attitude of students were measured and some fabulous positive results were obtained. The success of the project set stage for widespread acceptance of PBL in all branches of Engineering at UG level in Chitkara University. Dr Mantri spearheaded all initiatives for shift of designs, processes and systems of traditional University to adapt to those of PBL. Now, the University has successfully placed and is practicing PBL as a co-educational strategy. The experience is evolving and continuously improving. Based on the outstanding and innovative academic systems and processes based on PBL, the University was recognized, appreciated and finally accredited by (National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC), UGC, India in May 2010.

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